There are three main ways to support our association:

Active Membership

Our active members directly support the organization of Friends e.V. and our project work. Annual fees for active members start at €60,00.

Supporting Membership

Our supporting members do not necessarily take an active role in fundraising, project work and administration of our association. Supporting membership is available from €150,00 per year.

Education Budget

Our kids benefit from bilingual education in small class sizes – for free. WMIS is a growing school and requires various resources in order to create a thriving learning environment for all kids. To that end, the Friends, in close collaboration with the school management and the parent board (GEV) have established a designated educational budget. It allows for funding of materials and services beyond the state budget and from which the whole school will benefit (separate from class-specific kitties). A first needs assessment summed up to roughly 10.000€, including e.g. buying additional textbooks so that complete sets can be used for mother and partner tongue, experimental kits for maths or resources for art projects. Paying for freelance support, e.g. for running the library, is conceivable as well, sufficient funding provided. Allocation of resources and prioritising rest with the school management.