On Friday, 10 September, the new school logo was publicly launched during the school show. In preparation for this day, the FRIENDS have been working behind the scenes to launch the new WMIS Shop, featuring a number of items with the new school logo – so we can all showcase our school’s great spirit.

At the moment the shop sells a number of T-Shirts, hoodies, caps, and bags. The selection may increase over time. Feel free to approach us if you miss an item 🙂 

The shop connects to an on-demand production service, so the FRIENDS don’t actually keep a stock of these items. From our tests, we can say that deliveries usually arrive within a week after ordering. A small share of the price (currently around 5%) is going to the FRIENDS to support the school. Other than that, we kept prices as low as possible but we feature – wherever possible – products that are high quality, organic and eco-friendly.

You can access the new shop via the website menu above or click on the button below:

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