We are proud to announce that the Friends of WMIS are now member of the regional umbrella association of KiTa and school associations (Landesverband der Kita- und Schulfördervereine Berlin-Brandenburg e.V. (lsfb)).
Membership comes with many benefits both for our members and the community as a whole. The board and all members have access to peer exchange, relevant training, professional advice and support resources (e.g. on tax and association law, media law, fundraising and many other topics). As a whole community, we benefit from covered insurance for our events, access to framework contracts (cheaper printing, giveaways, sound equipment etc.) as well as a stock of equipment to borrow for our events (popcorn maker, button press, crepes maker etc.).
Further, there is a buddy programme, the so-called Chancenpatenschaften that is still open for applications.
Contact us for any information at info@friendsofwmis.de.
We look forward to hearing from you!

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