A total of 12.500 EUR were raised during the year against a total spending of 13.900 EUR. The gap could be filled by the carry-over from the previous year.

The WMIS education budget has been created to fund education material and services that are out of the scope of the regular state budget and from which the whole school will benefit. It also covers basic supplies that parents would normally be requested to buy on their own.

Based on the current school requirements and usual spending for school supplies by parents, parents are requested to donate 100€ per child. For donations to the Education Budget, the Friends are running a dedicated bank account:

Friends of WMIS e.V.
Deutsche Skatbank – Zweigniederlassung der VR-Bank Altenburger Land e.G.
IBAN DE82 8306 5408 0304 0832 88
Please add the purpose “Education Budget” or “Bildungsbudget” to your transfer.

During 2021-22 ca. 73€ have been spent for each of the 190 children currently attending our school.

Examples of recent purchases

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